Acanto - A Max For Live device

Acanto is an analog-type sequencer for Max for Live, with variable rhythmic control multi-timbral capacity. Its transport system can be completely independent from Live’s transport (of course, if you want your sequences to be quantized to a bar or beat, or an eight note, you can do that as well). Each step can have its own rhythmic value and can also be routed to an independent output, via an Acanto bus device. The inspiration behind this sequencer stems from the idea of wanting to play around with patterns and pattern formations, and in doing so to give the user more immediate and more musical interaction, so that one can feel at ease improvising and playing with ideas on the spot.

Acanto - devices

Acanto - panels

Acanthus - definition

For those who speak Spanish, I have developed a small course about Analog Sequencers & Acanto (dur. 5 hrs.). I’m in the process of developing a parallel version in English and will post it soon.

Acanto was built with Max 8.1.5. & Live 10.1.18. License Information